Tips to complete the CLAT syllabus in 3 months

The candidates who prepare for the competitive exam should be clear about the syllabus and the time management for the topic. CLAT syllabus is not an easy task to do; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to give such type of competitive exam.

To clear the CLAT, the candidate needs to do some extra hard work to complete the whole syllabus in months. There must be experienced candidates who have studied before and given the exam again; they have the idea of exam patterns and resources.

Here some details have been given about the CLAT syllabus and resources.

The section of the paper and their weightage are:-   

SectionNo. of questions
General knowledge and current affair35
Logical Reasoning40
Legal Reasoning30
Quantitative techniques15
Total Questions150

Strategy for the first month of CLAT exam preparation 

In the first month of CLAT preparation, the candidate should first cover all the major topics and portions of the syllabus. After going through all the topics of the syllabus, the candidate should also solve the previous year’s question.

  • Start from the easy topic of the CLAT syllabus in which you have a strong ability to solve, and then go on to the harder topics. In this way, you will tend to complete more topics.
  • Try to divide the time into portions for each subject in a day. Give more time to the subject, which is a little hard for you, and little time to the subject, which is easy for you.

Second Month

In the second month, after completing the whole syllabus of the CLAT exam and covering all the easy and hard topics, candidates should start revising the topic they have studied earlier and practicing questions on the topics while revising.

  • The candidate can try solving topic-wise questions from the previous year’s book and then, after completing the topic-wise question of the previous year’s book, to get confidence in the topic.
  • Cover all the easy, and hard topics question deeply and try to get all the concept clear by your side.

3rd Month

Any exam is only going to be in your favor when you practice it; practice will you the result of the mistakes you are doing and try to solve and overcome it. Practice all the topics of the CLAT syllabus as much as possible.

  • Candidates can also enroll in any mock test online to have experience managing time and finding flaws in the questions. 
  • Try solving question papers by limiting your time, don’t just take all day to solve just one paper. It will manage your time in real exams also.
  • Make little notes of the important points that will help you while revising a day before the CLAT exam.

Other tips for exams:-

  • The most important thing for the candidate is to read the newspaper daily; it will help you get the current news and also help your reading capability. Include the English newspaper in your daily routine because it will help you in the English language section of the CLAT exam.
  • Don’t take any new topic at the last minute; it will only make you less confident and give you stress. Just try solving and revising the topic which you have learned before.
  • Stay motivated, don’t get into the influence of anybody, and focus on your strategy and learning.

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From where you should practice the subjects

  • For the English section, try to strengthen your vocabulary, read the newspaper and learn definitions of the new terms.
  • Legal reasoning is the important part of the CLAT exam, which have the highest weightage, but the questions are of the same pattern one can solve with practice.
  • Logical reasoning should be good for clearing the CLAT exam practice questions from the books.

Quantitative techniques include some maths questions which can be aced by regular practice and consistency; candidates can try solving questions from the books available in the market.