Tom Siwa : JoJo’s Father, Bio , Chiropractor, Age, Wife, & Facts!

Tom Siwa JoJo Siwa’s Father

Tom Siwa is a famous celebrity father, of world-famous dancer and singer JoJo Siwa and her brother Jayden Siwa. Being a father of celebrity children, he does work very hard to shape up the work of his daughter and son which is all about creating a look that does show how fathers play a role to shape up the future of kids.

“I am a Chiropractor by profession. But the world knows me as the father of JoJo Siwa. It does make me feel proud and how things do go well when kids do something that every parent does dream about and my little kiddo has done even better,” Tom said.

Tom Siwa
Tom Siwa

Tom Siwa Biography 

Tom Siwa was born on 1 June 1970 in Oklahoma, Nebraska, United States. Despite being famous, he has not talked at all about the names of his parents. However, one thing is clear he did have a decent childhood in the 70s and early 80s. At studies, Tom was always a bright student. It did help him to become a Chiropractor, which does show how much he did put to become a name. Hence, things do look creative when it comes to making an impact. He was also a huge fan of professional wrestling, like of WCW and WWF (then).  

Tom Siwa Physical Appearance

Tom Siwa is a very good-looking person who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and his weight is around 88 kg. an Despite being a son of a dancer, he does not take fitness as his primary duty. Blue eyes and black hair indeed take his looks to a sensational level.

Tom Siwa Education

Tom Siwa did get his basic education from Summerland Public School and Nebraska City High School. For taking the road to becoming a professional, Tom decided to become a Chiropractor and opted to get an education of the very field and started to work in this profession only. He felt that core subjects are not for him. Hence, he opted for the root that has a decent living and good sums also. Now he does work behind the scenes for her beloved daughter.

“I was a very below-average student at school. Hence, it was clear that I was not the favourite of my teachers but they were kind of okay with my calm personality.

This does tell a lot about his educational background Tom has. It does show how Tom did look at his journey as getting the right to education.   

Tom Siwa Family

Jessalynn Siwa is the wife of Tom Siwa. They did marry at the end of the 1990s.On 20 May 2000, the pair welcomed their son Jayden Siwa. Three years later, on 19 May 2003, he became the father of JoJo Siwa. It was indeed an emotional day for him as he was blessed with an angel who made him famous around the world. Being known as the father of JoJo does make him proud. He also goes and backs his daughter during her shows.   

Tom Siwa with his wife and daughter
Tom Siwa with his wife and daughter

Tom Siwa wife Jessalynn Siwa

Jessalynn Siwa is a cool celebrity mother, she was born on 8 December 1974 (age 48 years). Many do know her as the mother of JoJo Siwa and Jayden Siwa. She is the wife of Tom Siwa too. She made her acting debut on a show named Dance Moms. It did make her very famous and kind of started her journey as a celebrity mother.

The “Success With Jess” podcast is very famous and it can also be seen on YouTube.  But she stopped working on it after 2020 despite getting views that would help her to earn even more. But she has a stable family where everybody is earning, so it is indeed not a bad move.

Tom’s Daughter JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa is one of the most famous American dancers. She was born on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. JoJo height is 5 feet & 9 inches and her weight suppose to be 55 kg (121 lbs). Siwa From 2003, at the age of 9, she has indeed made a great job to become not just a dancer but a singer, actress and YouTuber. This is the combination that makes JoJo famous in modern times. She is kind of a pop star. Hence, it does tell a lot about JoJo and the impact she has done. Having more than 12.3 million subscribers on YouTube do tell a lot about her fame. She is one of the most famous YouTubers of all time, which is indeed a lot.

Many of her videos have generated over a million hits and it does tell a lot about the impact of JoJo Siwa and how class she has done in her career. In 2013, she made her debut in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Two years later, she made a move with working at The View, Good Day L.A., and Good Day New York. After that, she kept on getting work in many tv series, which do tell a lot about growing things and making an impact.

Tom’s Son Jayden Siwa

Jayden Siwa is famous due to her sister JoJo. He is the elder brother of JoJo Siwa, having been born on 20 May 2000. One can see him in a movie named JoJo’s Dream Birthday, where he made a vital appearance. He did get basic education from Roncalli Catholic High School. Tessa Medinger is his aunt. With the help of her sister’s name, he has made a decent following on social media, having more than 94K subscribers do tell a lot about Jayden and how well she is using things for making an impact. He is also a Real Estate Agent now, which is all one needs in life for becoming something and start living where the combination of social media fame does deliver him money in many different ways.

It does what tells a lot of his business brain and how it does create an impact to leading things forward. He has his own page and does make an impact to land him the work in the very best way. It does tell a lot about Jayden Siwa and how he has made a career in a manner he has become a professional at a very young age, which is a great thing from his development perspective.   

Tom Professional career 

Tom Siwa is a professional Chiropractor. It might be a very unknown profession. A chiropractor is a person who takes care of the neuromusculoskeletal system of the patient. For managing back and neck pains, a chiropractor can work very well. They have a deep understanding of managing spinal adjustments. The average income of a chiropractor is $85,870 a year. It does show that Tom has given his all to his family for making their life better. It does show how well he has managed his life. Even his family does feel proud to have Tom working as a chiropractor and helping several people in the US. 

JoJo and Jayden Pulled A Prank About Tom Accident On YouTube

On 24 September 2018, JoJo’s brother Jayden played a prank that left JoJo emotional and made her cry too. It was a video where Jayden said that his father Tom met an accident. The news broke JoJo, who was just 14 years old at that time. It was a kind of shock for the family. Even the dog, pet, they have felt that something bad happened. At that time, JoJo was chilling out with her mother on the sofa watching TV and it was not the prank they had a word before as it did make her cry.

That emotional video

This is what tells a lot about how some of the pranks can leave people feeling the fact they have lost things. And at this time, it was her father. As JoJo loves her father, it was indeed a huge thing for them. Even the mother was in shock. The video did generate plus 697K views, which is very much for Jayden’s YouTube handle as for him it did help him to gain a lot of subscribers. However, the movie did show how much JoJo loves her father Tom and how it does create an impact in the very best way.

Tom Managing and helping his children on YouTube

Celebrity father Tom Siwa does not have a YouTube channel but he does play a major role to promote the page of his children and mostly with his son Jayden Siwa, where they try the food, do pranks, show different days of their lives at home and several other things. He does play a huge role to make the channel run as Tom does have a great following.

SIWA FAMILY SPAGHETTI BAKE OFF!!! Video is very famous and mostly they do videos where they eat and have challenges hence, it does tell a lot about Tom and how well he has changed his life so his children can become who they are. From the age of 9, he is helping JoJo and from the age of 14, he is helping Jayden mainly to make a profile as both are very young and raw, they do need someone who can help them and hence, Tom does play a major role to help the children to keep the YouTube channel rolling as these moves have made both children rich even before they turned 18 or so. It does show a lot about the art of matching things in the very best manner.

Tom Siwa Social Media Handle

Famous celebrity dad Tom Siwa does have more than 82.5K followers on Instagram. He does like to show his personal life and talks a lot about how well he does follow JoJo and promotes her shows and tours. It is the only platform where he has made his own social media profile and likes to share things with the fans of JoJo mostly as these are her followers. One can see her social media profiles of his daughter and son. It has helped him to become a celebrity which does show a lot about Tom and how has taken help from his daughter to become famous.

“I am not a social media nerd but does like to use it as it does show how the world is different and how beautiful it is also. This is what indeed the major way to tell a lot about the class of social media,”

Tom Siwa Instagram
Tom Siwa Instagram

Tom‘s Net Worth 

Tom Siwa net worth is of around USD 5 million as of 2023. Jojo siwa, who is the world-famous daughter of Tom, is the main reason behind this fame and net worth. Jojo Siwa net worth of 14 million USD as of 2023. It is indeed a lot from the angle of seeing how money does make things better.

Meanwhile, Jayden Siwa net worth around 1.5 million as of 2023. He is a YouTuber and a real estate agent, which does make him earn money where he does not need any major help from her sister, who is very rich and about to become even more.

It was the take of JoJo which is helping many people around the world. At the time COVID wave of 2020, the Siwa family did help many people in the community to make things normal during hard times.

Hobbies and Trivia

  • The hobbies of Tom are dancing, singing, and reading books. 
  • He is a huge fan of Bond movies.  
  • He does not have any such beloved colour. 
  • One can see him travelling a lot now. 
  • He does like most cuisines. 
  • Tom is a fan of American football and basketball. 
  • Mike Tyson is the most beloved professional boxer ever Tom.


Q Who is Tom Siwa?

Ans. He is the father of famous American singer, actress, dancer Jojo Saiva and YouTuber and real estate agent Jayden Siwa.

Q Who are Jojo Siwa parents?

Ans. Jessalynn and Tom are the parents of Jojo Siwa

Q What is Tom Siwa net worth?

Ans. Tom has a net worth of USD 5 million as of 2023.

Q Who is Tom Siwa daughter?

Ans. Jojo Siwa is the daughter of Tom.

Q Does Tom also a dancer?

Ans. He is not a dancer unlike his daughter Jojo.

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