MBA is one of the most preferred degrees of today’s generation. Every other student wants to pursue a management degree for their higher studies. Students go for management degrees as it provides a sense of security, earnings, and status in society.

For pursuing their management degree from foreign colleges students have to clear an entrance exam. Gmat is the entrance exam that students need to clear for taking admission to their dream college. A lot of students start preparing during their graduation to clear this exam. You can search online GMAT CLASSES NEAR ME for preparation. Let’s study the syllabus of the exam that can help you in preparation. 

  • For proper preparation for the exam, you should be well-aware of the syllabus and what topics are covered under each section. Gmat exam covers the four section that includes:
  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Integrated Reasoning 
  • Writing 
  • Quantitative Aptitude

The exam covers subjective and objective parts. You will have three and half hours to solve 91 questions. 

  • Verbal Reasoning:- You will get a total of thirty-six multiple-choice questions from this section. It is further divided into three topics.
  • Sentence Correction:- This is one of the simplest topics. You have to find the grammatical and structural mistakes in the sentence and correct them. You can get the sentence in any form. 
  • Critical Reasoning:- These are mind-related questions. You have to analyze the argument and evaluate your plan. You need to understand the situation and give a reaction according to you. 
  • Reading Comprehension:- This topic checks your reading skills. You will be provided with a passage and a few questions related to that passage. You have to answer the questions. 
  • Integrated Reasoning:- You will see a total of twelve questions from this section. This section is further divided into four topics.
  • Graph Analysis:- As the name suggests you need to analyze the graph and interpret it according to your knowledge. 
  • Table Analysis:- You provided a table with different rows and columns have to understand it.
  • Two-Part Analysis:- You provided one question that further has two questions. You need to evaluate it and answer accordingly. 
  • Multi-Source Reasoning:- You provided data in the form of a table, graph, or any other way and you have to evaluate it.
  • Analytical Writing:- This section checks the writing skills of the students. You need to write an answer or passage that must contain 600 words. This section further has two topics.
  • Argument Essay:- You need to pass an argument in context with your question. You need to analyze the question and give your answer. 
  • Issue Essay:- You have to write an essay on any topic related to society or business. You provided with their opinion you can have an opinion of yourself. 
  • Quantitative Aptitude:- This section contains questions related to maths that you have studied till higher education. You will have thirty-one questions from this section. This section is further divided into two topics.
  • Problem Solving:- This part has questions that need logical skills. Topics like geometry, algebra and many more are covered under this.
  • Data Sufficiency:- You provided two statements. You need to understand which statement is useful for solving. 

These are the topics that are covered under the Gmat exam. You can search on google GMAT CLASSES NEAR ME for coaching classes.