Want to Build Healthy Bones? – 6 Tips that Might Help You

Eat this if you want to build healthy bones, do this workout and take this supplement if you want to build healthy bones… All this and several other health advice we get from people based on their experience and knowledge when it comes to building stronger bones.

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Many things can help you build stronger bones. I have been conscious about my bone health as I accompanied my roommate throughout all those hostel life years. She was suffering from arthritis and used to go to the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi for her treatment. Seeing her suffering from all this pain made me realize how important it is to keep our bones healthy.  

How to Build Healthy Bones?

When it comes to keeping our bones healthy, many things can help you in this regard. I am sure you must be curious about the ways that can help you to build stronger bones with time. Here are some of my best picks to build healthy bones.

1- Eat more and more calcium

The association between calcium and bone health in undying. Yes, your bones need enough calcium to become healthy and strong. For this reason, you need to add enough calcium to your diet. Your calcium intake can vary according to your gender and even age. Determine your calcium intake right and start adding more and more calcium-rich foods to your diet. When it comes to choosing calcium-rich foods to add to your diet, dairy products remain a prominent option to go after. 

2- Take enough vitamin D

Calcium alone is not enough to build healthy bones. To absorb the calcium that you intake through your diet, there must be enough vitamin D in your diet to absorb this calcium. Just like calcium, your dietary requirements for vitamin D also vary. Sunlight is a really good source of vitamin D that you can add to your diet. Other than this fish oil, mushroom edibles are some of the healthiest choices to make. If none of this works for you, then vitamin D supplements are there to help you. 

3- Stay physically active 

Adding physical activity to your diet can help you to build healthy bones. To do this, adding enough physical activity to your routine can be a great help. To build healthy bones, you need to start doing weight-bearing exercises. Another option in this regard can be strength training. If you don’t like going to gyms for workout purposes, then trying some at-home workouts can be a good option, to begin with. 

4- Consume enough calories

We are surrounded by weight loss strugglers who try to go every possible mile when it comes to building healthy bones. One thing that can stop you from developing healthy bones might be too few calories that you think will help you to lose weight. No matter how fast you want to lose weight, never drop your calories suddenly or consume too few calories. Always keep your calorie consumption as per your current weight even if you are maintaining a calorie deficit.

5- Avoid substance abuse

Substance abuse is a thing and its impact can go far beyond liver or lung damage. Substance abuse can even compromise your bone health and can prevent you from having healthy bones. If you fell prey to substance abuse, then leaving it as soon as possible is a good idea. If you are unable to do it on your own, then make sure to consult a medical professional and seek out help before its impact becomes evident and severe.

6- Try supplements

You might pick your foods right but you still lack certain nutrients in your diet. Sometimes, there is not enough of these nutrients in your everyday diet. Here supplements can work well for you. One such example is collagen. Collagen is the same protein found in your bones. There are many collagen supplements you can find and it helps to build stronger and healthy bones. Further, taking a multivitamin supplement can also help you to build stronger muscles. 

Bottom Line!

Now you know enough about what you need to build healthy bones. This is not possible for anyone to start doing it all again but make sure you put in little effort every day. Further, damage to your bones due to ageing is inevitable and the only way to minimize this damage is to get your bones health monitored. So, yes routine checkups are a must!