What Does a Child Custody Investigator Do?

When parents come to disputes and disagreements, it is the children who are deeply affected. We firmly believe that the child’s well-being should be the main priority of a legal Child Custody Investigation. This is why we, at Whitesell Investigative Services, are here to make sure that the child’s custody case will be resolved in a legal and rightmost way.  With professional child custody investigators to handle the case, we can assure you of security and resolutions in these difficult times.

What is a Child Custody Investigation?  It is a legal process initiated by the court of law. It is an unbiased assessment of the parents and the rest of their family members, a vital part of the investigation. What usually happens during the assessment? The investigation focused more on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both parents, especially with their parenting skills, child development, and family matters. Of course, your child custody investigator should ensure that the investigations should remain the utmost confidentiality to both parties to assure validity and security. It cannot be easy on the part of the children.

So, what does a Child Custody Investigator do?

Conduct Unbiased and Thorough Investigations

It is vital to conduct thorough investigations in a child’s custody case. At Whitesell Investigative Services, we make sure that there will be a proper and thorough investigation done on both parties, as it is the child’s future that is at stake. Investigations can help the court decide where the child will be placed while considering their best interest. That is why the child custody investigator should make sure that there is enough information and facts to support the result of the investigation.  

Collect pieces of evidence

When things get rough in the process of a child’s placement, parents of both parties tend to claim various forms of abuse, negligence, and violence. This is why it is the job of the child custody investigator to collect and validate evidence, to assure that the claim of both parties is right and not based on what their emotions speak. This evidence will greatly help the court trials to ensure that the right decision is made.

How Will A Child Custody Investigator Collect Evidence?

Surveillance Camera

If parents are doing forms of negligence or abuse, using surveillance cameras is a better idea to collect evidence. The child custody investigator can validate if the child is being cared for by their parents through the surveillance camera installed. With this, they can easily testify if there are real happenings of negligence, abuse, or violence used in the court trial.

Background Check and Witness Statements

Collecting information about the child’s parents is an important part of the investigation. It gives facts on the parent’s capability to take care of their child financially, physically, and emotionally. Gathering statements from witnesses can be strong evidence since it testifies parents’ real character, condition, and life.

In this difficult time, do not hesitate to ask for help from someone qualified for the job. Here at Whitesell Investigative Service, it’s the child’s well-being that is on top of our priority. We understand your sentiments and care for your family’s future. Call for a consultation or send us a message. Your child custody investigator will be here to serve you.

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