What Is the Avple Platform And Why Is It Superior to Other Online Media? Know Everything


Remember, back in the 2000s when people used to watch personal videos shot on Handycam and watch it on VLC, or DVD players? Back in the day, the only sources of entertainment were movies, music, and TV shows. For movies, they would go to cinemas or download them using pirated sites (the most popular way back then and still) and share them with their friends on floppy disks. But now a new contender has emerged in this video-sharing field and is gaining popularity even faster than TikTok. It’s called Avple.

What Is Avple Streaming Video Platform?

So, It may sound like you just mispronounced Apple, but trust us, that’s the name of the platform. A-V-P-L-E. Google may also auto-correct it to apple, but no issues. Because once it has gained popularity all over the world enough, we’re sure that the next time you search apple, Google will ask, “Did you mean Avple? Now, what is It? It is an online video-sharing platform with the same concept as YouTube, Tiktok, or any other famous video-sharing website/application, but there is a major difference between this video platform and all the other platforms. 

Why This Platform Is Better Than Other Media Platforms?

The main difference is that you can use It as a side hustle. YES! lets a user upload a video that they have shot and that too, even without subscribing to anything or paying. It’s free, and once you’ve uploaded the video, you can monetize it and get paid for the views or downloads the video gets. It is a great money-making method. All you need to do is just upload the video by visiting their website. Different forums for different types of discussions and topics are available. You can select a specific topic and post it under that category and get paid. It’s that simple!

Key Things About The Platform

  • In, TV is a feature that is still under development and is managed by its parent company, NBC Universal. So you may have to wait for some time before getting your hands on the finished/final product.
  • A user first needs to create a profile to start sharing and watching videos on It. After creating the account, the user has two options to keep his/her profile public or private. Private videos can only be shared with your friends or family via a link or in-site sharing. They’ll be unlisted on Its Public Directory. Keep in mind that videos uploaded from a private account cannot be monetized as tracking views and shares of those videos are difficult.
  • This platform holds the right to remove or delete any account or videos that go against the community guidelines or are used to spread content that is NFSW or 18+. This feature is included in Its TV to stop people from sharing things that can create communal tensions, harm sentiments, or be visually disturbing.
  • Overall, It is a very safe, secure, and up-to-the-mark platform that can be used to make quick money. The response from the audience can be gathered once. The beta version is released and surveys show how successful it was and how well this new social video-sharing platform did among the young masses.

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