What Should be in a Luxury Bathroom?

Once a place of functionality, the bathroom is now a space that heavily focuses on interior design and the feel of the room alongside its practicality. Although most of us desire to have luxury throughout all areas of our home, the bathroom has become a priority for most as it’s the space in which we spend a large majority of our time. The emphasis on self-care has meant that societally, we are a lot more focused on how spaces in our home such as the bathroom can resemble a spa-like sanctuary in which we can pamper ourselves. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top features to make up the luxury bathroom well crave!

Free Standing Tub:

The epitome of luxury, free-standing tubs make any bathroom instantly feel stylish and comfortable while incorporating that spacious feel into the room. An intersectional cross between fashion, function, and luxury, free-standing tubs can be made from a plethora of materials- including copper, brass, and cast iron. In free-standing tubs, the retained water will retain more heat than in a porcelain or acrylic bathtub. Free-standing tubs are completely customizable, from height to width, length water depth, and additional features such as hydrotherapy jets.

A Place to Sit:

Every high-end bathroom is equipped with a small seating area. Whether it’s a stylishly placed armchair, a garden stool, or a tufted ottoman, a small seating area in a bathroom can make the space look more expensive and add a sense of glamour to the room.

Get Smart with Storage:

One of the huge downfalls concerning bathrooms is the storage that you have in the space. So often, we see bathroom spaces that are overrun with wicker and plastic boxes and are typically overflowing with toiletries and bathroom products. A great way to implement some luxury into your bathroom is by having sleek storage means in the room. By having a tidied and hidden method to store, you can elevate the aesthetics in your room. Keep your laptop in a dish next to the sink or keep your cotton swabs in a tumbler, your space will be instantly neatened.

Upgrade Your Bathmat:

A dirty or unkempt bathmat can make your bathroom look unclean and like an afterthought. A great and easy way to instantly renew some life, style, and luxury into your bathroom is by renewing your bathmat. As of now, terry cloth mats, Turkish and Persian, or tufted wool rugs are a great alternative. They work as better substitutes as they are equally as absorbent when it comes to water, but also add a stylish element to the room.

Add Heated Floors:

Nothing screams luxury more than heated floors- especially in the bathroom. Bringing a sense of opulence and comfort, heated bathroom floors are an easy way to make your bathroom instantly seem more luxurious. Made with a bespoke design depending on the customer’s wishes, heated floors are essential for bringing you that ‘ahhhh’ feeling when you step onto a cold tile or marble floor after you step out of the shower.

Upgrade the Shower:

In order to have a luxury shower, you should have a shower style that has all the exquisite finishing touches- including fixtures, furnishing, and small details such as tile choices. As of now, glass showers, oversized and steam showers are quite popular and will help elevate your bathroom. You can customize each shower to function as you like, and include multiple showerheads, body sprays, or jets. You can even add bespoke lighting to add a personalized touch to your shower space.

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