What’s New in The Pet Industry?

Do you believe that having a pet to keep you company can help improve your life and lifestyle choices in general? We certainly do. And given the increase in the number of people who have chosen to get a pet, we think a lot of people all around the globe would agree with our sentiments. The spike in the increase in the number of pets has become evident since the beginning of the pandemic. We think this is because a lot of people had been suffering from loneliness given the fact that most of them were holed in their homes during the multiple lockdowns. And it is a known fact that a pet is a perfect companion if unconditional love is something you desire.

Bringing home a pet is one of the nicest ways to give back to nature because you will be giving a roof to an animal. But at the same time, know that having a pet to share your home with can do wonders to your mental health. As sentimental as we are about this topic, we also need to be practical. The buying, selling, and adopting of all pet animals ultimately is a part of the number game that is known as the pet industry. Although the importance of the pet industry was underplayed in the past, the rising number has led to a realization that there is a strong customer base here. 

With the increase in the number of pet parents – various businesses have understood that there is a need to cater to them and that the needs and expectations of the pet parents, as well as their pets, keep evolving. This is where the latest trends come into the picture. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most important pet industry trends that you as a pet parent need to know about this year. 

  • Pet Nutrition

When we talk about pet nutrition, we essentially mean the pet food that is consumed daily. Back in the day, not a lot of emphasis was given to the nutritional requirements of the animals we share a roof with. In fact, a majority of people would feed them the same food they consume. However, that has been changing in recent times. People have come to realize that certain food items, although good for us, may not be good for pets. Modern pet parents are more likely to choose healthier food for their pets. In fact, some pet parents also go the organic route. 

  • Sustainability

During the last couple of years, no conversation seems to conclude without the mention of sustainability and eco-friendliness, and rightly so. Modern pet parents are equally concerned about their pets’ ‘carbon pawprints’ as they are about their own carbon footprints. This is why a lot of people seem to opt for sustainably sourced pet products and don’t mind paying a little extra for the same. 

  • Pet insurance

Modern pet parents are not willing to compromise the health of their pets at any cost. However, the cost of treatment can at times be a bit too much for any of us to handle. This is where the next pet industry trend comes into the picture. Pet insurance is like a health insurance policy for pets. It offers a financial fallback in case of a medical emergency. For example, your dog insurance or cat insurance will cover your reimbursement after you file a claim, provided you continue paying the premiums on time. 

  • Pet technology

While there are no smartphones for your pet animals yet, there certainly are some amazing electronic gadgets that can prove helpful to the pet as well as the pet parent. Pet wearables and other electronic gadgets contribute majorly to the pet industry. Be GPS-tracking collars, smart vests to track activity levels, automatic treat dispensers, or smart cameras – there are endless new, on-trend tech devices for pets. Pet technology is only going to get better with time. 

  • Dealing with separation anxiety 

During the pandemic, one of the most commonly spoken about topics was mental health. However, a lot of us seemed to overlook mental health issues in pets. Not anymore though. Since pet parents have gone back to their pre-pandemic routine, a lot of pets have been experiencing separation anxiety. There are a lot of accessories like toys, lick mats, or food/snacks that can help with the issue. And if that isn’t enough, you can also choose therapy for your pets. Some insurance policies cover the therapy sessions too. 

These are some of the newest trends in the pet industry.