Which EMR is better Nextech Vs Allscripts?

Remember, a decent EMR is an excellent and straightforward method to track patients’ information, streamline workflow, and reduce management responsibility. So which Software to pick, Nextech versus Allscripts? Although the two software programs have similar features, they may differ significantly. This article has all you need to know to choose the best EMR for your association.  

What is unique about Nextech EMR?  

Nextech EMR is a management solution that is designed for specialized medical practices. It offers practitioners a swift chart for patient engagements with the support of customizable templates.  

With Nextech EMR, doctors and clients can take notes more proficiently while keeping up with control of their work processes. They can likewise have confidence that they can direct their work on the solution while making their rounds or on the go.  

The end-to-end feature allows clients to easily assume responsibility for various undertakings, for example, appointment scheduling, financial management, and patient engagement, all inside a solitary point of interaction.  

Overview of Nextech EMR Features  

  • Shared Clinical Knowledge Library  
  • Customizable Templates  
  • Intelligent Drawing Program  
  • Dictation  
  • Patient Flow Management  
  • Outpatient Management  
  • Lab Orders Processing  
  • Lab Results Receipt  
  • E-Prescribing  
  • Device Integration  
  • HIPAA Compliant  

What benefits does Nextech EMR offer?  


With Nextech EMR Faster Charting features, physicians gain access to a system that allows them to increase their charting and manage more patients. The application provides customizable templates and a platform for detailed note-taking and diagnosis coding with dropdown menus and list filters. This system eliminates irrelevant data to a patient, consequently managing the cost of more incredible speed to going to specialists.  

Shared Network 

Nextech EMR allows its users to correspond with a shared network to send and receive patient information from each other. This Software streamlines the patient reference process and guarantees that all appropriate information is granted to the referred-to physician, permitting them to offer outstanding patient care.  

Streamlined Lab Correspondence

Nextech EMR allows users to get Lab test ordering, processing, and transmission in less time. In addition, the Software facilitates the dispatch from the doctor’s office to the laboratory and back, reducing paperwork and waiting time.  


Nextech EMR gives a forum for doctors to endorse medicine to their patients electronically. Additionally, this control center shows specialists any allergies patients may have to ensure that they prescribe safe drugs for their patients.  

Mobile Software

The online, multi-feature system has a local portable application where doctors can look at arrangements, view patient profiles, and access all EMR data from any place. The iPad application works to reproduce the vibe of a paper diagramming framework, incorporating patient photographs for personalization and permitting doctors to get clear images. In addition, the mobile application performs tasks the computer version does, giving users a truly mobile solution.  

Reasons for switching from Nextech EMR   

According to reviews of users, this system Expects to be a bit technically sound to grasp its advantages. In addition, the practice Studio requires a lot of composing for the clinical partner.  

A few features inside the EMR don’t reflect on the patient portal feature. For example, demands are made to software developers to consider our practice needs in future updates. And Nextech doesn’t offer training or documentation for the Software.  

Why consider Allscripts EMR?  

Allscripts EMR is a robust software that allows users to streamline their workflow by utilizing various efficient features. Salient Features of Allscripts Software  

  • Appointment monitoring  
  • Performance management  
  • Patient flows  
  • EMR Mobile  
  • Streamlined admin tasks  
  • Maternity care management  
  • Easy-to-use dashboard  
  • Mobile access  
  • Open platform  
  • Financial functionality  
  • E-prescribing  
  • Care coordination  
  • Care guides  
  • Data source consolidation  
  • Daily planning  
  • Clinical decision support  
  • Quality management  
  • Support Types: Online and Phone  

What are the benefits of Allscripts EMR?  

Performance Management

A medical facility will mainly invest in an EMR system to improve its clinical or financial performance. Allscripts EMR programming is best depicted as a business intelligence solution provider. The robust system can remodel information from extensive data to mine clinical data.  


The intelligent dashboard incorporates reporting tools and graphical portrayals of noteworthy devices expected to develop execution further. The upgraded tools provide clients with customized solutions to minimize operational costs, increase patient satisfaction, and manage administration.  

Electronic Prescription

Allscripts EHR system is connected to 50,000 drug stores, guaranteeing that patients are very much served regardless of where they reside. Besides, Allscripts EMR works with several laboratories and allergy centers to ensure that any test demands are communicated straightforwardly. As per Allscripts EMR reviews, the e-prescription feature is worth the Allscripts EMR cost.  

Practice Management Tools

Allscripts EMR innovation helps operational efficiencies and gives management more command over daily plans. Likewise, it incorporates a scanning feature that makes it accessible for dealing with paper and information.  

It offers a complete and comprehensive patient health management system that allows users to save patient records. With only a couple of clicks  

Mobile Accessibility 

Allscripts EMR offers its clients a robust mobile application that allows users to execute all tasks from mobile instead of the desktop screen. This mobile application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The mobile app allows users to create and save notes, prescribe medications, request lab orders, and communicate with patients. In addition, it permits users to change flowsheets, complete set tasks, and view various reports that provide insight into a user’s organization’s overall performance. The mobile app is simple to use, and users can access it while they are on the ground or on the go.  

Customer Support

Allscripts EMR software enjoys the upper hand over its rivals because it offers magnificent customer support and training. Allscripts conveys a variety of educational learning to its customers. A training expert can be alluded to who will generally make a fitted training approach for user organization. This plan offers an annual subscription, which provides access to 24/7 training and information.  

Final Thoughts!   

Nextech and Allscripts are two top-tier EMR software, and both systems offer a mobile application. Now, assuming you are pondering which EMR is better for your training, that is the issue nobody yet can answer. So, even though we can’t choose for you, we recommend you check out the Nextech and Allscripts demo to see which Software would suit your practice more. Also, we recommend you check out reviews for both EMRs to get a better picture.