Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer- Upgraded Version

Nowadays vaping is the utmost preferable thing that smokers use over smoking. In this modern age, people are moving towards healthy alternatives. Thus, there was a dire need to use some sort of device that can allow beneficial vapes with zero harmful characteristics. So, people have to understand their requirements and the features that a smoke vaporizer should contain.

Thus, here comes the Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer, which fulfills all the demands that smokers wish for. This is the upgraded version of Yocan apex mini vaporizers. There are many brands available in the market that allows smoke vaping. But, no one still can approach the class and features that this XL version provides.

The Yocan has been providing a great updated version for many years. So, here is another potential device that’s perfect in properties and working. This evolved version has a wide range of functions and specifications. Hence, use the hassle-free vaping experience with the most powerful smoke vaping tool.

1400mAh battery with large size

Let’s begin with the battery size and the potential battery that is available with the Yocan evolve plus XL vape pen. So, the 1400mAh battery can provide supreme smoke vapors. There is no restriction to use herbs or smoke. Thus, this powerful battery is the only resource for heating the coil on the top of vaporizers.

Quartz coil arrangement

The quartz coils are trustworthy for the flavors that they supply. There is no exception in using ceramic or other coils. Thus, this XL smart version includes the quartz coils that are known amazing for providing great flavors.

The quartz coils are harmless and have perfect for fitting in various e-rigs or vaporizers. Additionally, these quartz coils are excellent for their ability to absorb heat and flavors for a long time.

Double chamber-silicone dabbing tool

There are great differences available between evolving and the Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizers. So, the double chamber in this silicone vaping device creates additional pace. Thus, there comes the exceptional feature that allows the perfect shots straight from a single container.

Intuitively reliable with excellent components

The Yocan evolve plus vaporizer came into existence after doing great research. Thus, the most advanced technology-based dabbing tool is amazing for getting rich flavored vapes. The silicone chamber and the aesthetic appearance of this vaporizer make it ideal for experts.  

There are many smoke vaping devices in the market that, claim to have the best reliability. But the bitter fact is that they are fooling the customers with words. Thus, if you want to enjoy the trouble-free vape shots then, use Yocan vaporizers.

Innovative coil caps

So, this is the most important property and feature you can say that this vaporizer has. These coil caps are based on the technology that makes them stick for good. Thus, the main function of this coil cap is to avoid any kind of leakage.

In this way, there would be no mess that will create and your dabbing tool remains safe plus clean. The smoke coil caps make the temperature of these coils optimum. So, use these caps and maintain your vaporizer for a long time.

Includes accessory kit

Thus, the smoke accessory kit has a dab pen, battery, charger, and cleaning tool. So, this kit helps get good quality smoke shots with perfect quantity concentrate. The 1400mAh battery has the potential to provide optimum heat for coils. Additionally, the replacement tubes and the charger make it more diverse in functioning.

Compact and shiny design

The Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer is a compact tool that gets fixed in the pocket perfectly. Thus, this vaporizer has come up with the potential to take users’ attention. The tie-dye adaptation and the matt black representation give this device an upright look.

Additional cooling chamber

The cooling chamber is the container in Yocan evolves plus vaporizer that allows extra filtration. This chamber is specially built in the vaporizer for offering the cooler vapes. So, the airflow valves that are present with the quartz concentrate coils make the vapors cool for use. Thus, enjoy the perfect cooler slash of smoke and have fun.

Perfect silicone compartment

The secret shots chamber or compartment has the most desirable features. This discreet vaporizer is supreme for on-the-go vapes. Hence, there will be a silicon chamber that, provides smooth and silky-textured smoke shots. This chamber is easy to attach and detach, so there will be no trouble removing it when not in use.

How to operate the Yocan evolve vaporizer?

Many vaporizers are very difficult to operate. Most of the beginners couldn’t understand the functioning of the vaporizers. Thus, the manufactures of Yocan especially keep this thing in mind and guide to make the use trouble-free.

Power the battery

So, first and foremost power the battery or source with which you have to operate your vaporizer. There comes the charger with the USB cable in the Yocan vaporizer accessory kit. Thus, use the charger to recharge the battery. This will help you in dabbing the flavorful and strong smoke shots.

Switch on the device

Now it is time to turn the switch on. This will allow the battery to conduct heat or electricity through the device. Thus, after turning the device on, you just have to put on the concentrate over the coil by removing the mouthpiece or lid. So, put the small amount of concentrate (wax or herb) on the top and quickly replace it after loading.

Inhale the vapors

Now, the last step is to inhale the vapors from Yocan evolve plus XL vaporizer by turning the power mode on. So, press and hold to the button. Inhale slightly and enjoy the perfectly blended waxy vape. After dabbing turn the power button off. Don’t forget to clean and then, store the vaporizer for durability.

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