Factors To Consider When Choosing A Scrum Master Course

An agile framework for product development and project management is scrum. The scrum role that assists team to adopt scrum values, principles, and practices is the Scrum Master. As scrum becomes more widespread in India, scrum master training and certification programs continue to increase. Nevertheless, not all courses are equally good ones. Therefore, when choosing a potential scrum master course, you should exercise extreme caution and select a course option that best fits your requirements.

  1. Course Content And Curriculum

First of all, it is highly recommended to prioritize the curriculum and the course content when selecting a scrum master course. Ensure you choose a course that discusses the fundamental functions of a scrum master such as facilitating scrum events, elimination of impediments, coaching team and others among other things. This curriculum should be drawn from scrum guide in order to equip learners to participate in the various projects. Scrum practical experience is very key and it can best be acquired through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies. Stay away from extremely elementary or oversimplified classes.

  1. Trainer Experience And Credentials 

The background and experience of trainers conducting the course is another important factor. Trainers should have solid experience working as scrum masters themselves on real projects. They should also be certified scrum trainers authorized to teach Scrum Alliance or Scrum.org courses. Trainers with industry experience will be able to share best practices and real examples from their work. Their credentials ensure the course content and delivery meet global scrum standards.

  1. Course Delivery Method

Scrum master courses are delivered using different methods like classroom training, online/virtual instructor-led training or self-paced online courses. Classroom training allows networking but may not be convenient location-wise. Online instructor-led training provides flexibility while still having a live instructor. Self-paced online courses are most flexible but you lose the benefit of instructor guidance. Consider your learning style and schedule while choosing the delivery method.

  1. Course Duration And Schedule  

Scrum master courses range from 1-5 days depending on depth. Longer duration programs allow for more hands-on practice but may not fit all schedules. Consider your availability and time commitment required when choosing duration. Also check the class/session schedule if it is an online or classroom program. Programs with sessions spread over weeks may not be suitable for working professionals.

  1. Post-Course Support And Certification

See if the course provides any post-training support like access to reference materials, community forums etc. This helps reinforce learning. Most reputed programs also provide preparation for professional scrum certifications on completion. Check if the course is accredited to help prepare for and take the certification exam. This validates the skills and makes you job-ready as a certified scrum master.


Choosing the right scrum master training program is important to kickstart your career as an agile practitioner. Evaluate options basis the factors above like content, eligibility of CSM, delivery method, duration, cost etc. Read reviews and talk to past students too. A reputed program from experienced trainers will help you gain the practical skills and certification needed to succeed as a scrum master.