Sushil Singh : A motivational journey

Sushil Singh

It’s a journey of hard work and passion. Well, seeing the life of Sushil Singh is indeed an inspiration for several young boys and girls around the world. The Indian entrepreneur has created a great empire in just six years. Mumbai-born Sushil always saw technology as his future. Even while growing up, he looked to computers as his way of leading things. Running three different organizations and an NGO is indeed a task of consistency. Hence, it shows the amount of enthusiasm and tenacity he puts in to make a product look world-class. 

Having an empire and working on it is a different task. However, making something from the very bottom shows a light at the end of the tunnel to everyone. One can see the story as an inspiration to keep on working hard and making a name in the market.

Sushil Singh Basic Information 

Sushil Singh’s family roots are from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. However, he did spend his childhood in Mumbai. Hence, the reason behind Sushil’s fluent Marathi (language). He was born on the 15 of October. Sushil directs his role in three organisations named SSR Techvision, Saiva System and Deebaco. He also runs an NGO – Just Wish.

SSR Techvision

A well-known name in the market, SSR Techvision is a customer care service platform with offices in the United States and India. The brand does work with some of the top organizations around the world. From healthcare to leading tech names, SSR Techvision operates with everyone with its modern approach of making customers satisfied. Hence, the reason major connections do trust the organisation. It was founded in the summer of 2015. 

Saiva System

After setting up SSR Techvision, Sushil Singh started another organisation named Saiva System. The very business is famous for recruitment and Information Technology. Saiva works with some of the top IT hubs for solving their recruitment problems. Just like SRR, the brand does have active offices in the United States and India. In just three years, Saiva System has become a top name in the world of recruitment. Having offices in multiple nations makes them a global name. 


Deebaco is a famous fashion brand. It’s a hub of fashion from headbands to dresses. On the very website, one can find clothes and accessories for women. Just like Saiva System, the brand came up in 2019. They also do sell their products on other top online shopping stores such as Amazon, Myntra and many others. 

Just Wish

Just Wish is an NGO. It has been created to help those who need it the most. From taking care of trees to young students, Just Wish holds a motive to help the Planet Earth in a fruitful manner. This is indeed a great work as helping humans, trees and animals do make this world better for all. 


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