A Brief Tour Of Our Favourite Dresses

Just as people come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, so do their clothes, especially women’s clothes! Without a doubt the most well-known article of women’s clothing is the dress, and there is one for every occasion! Let’s take a brief tour of the wide world of dresses in order to catch a glimpse of some of our best-loved popular styles! 

Cut Out Dress – Take a full-length dress then cut off one shoulder. Then go ahead and take a piece out of the midriff on the opposite side. Next, you might as well remove some of the skirt from the leg- are you with me so far? A Cut out dress does exactly what it says it does, cuts out strategic sections of fabric to reveal alluring regions of natural skin in an asymmetric but pleasing pattern!

Cocktail Dress – This dress is all about being a bit formal while still having a lot of fun! The knee-length cut is perfect for those parties that are not so stuffy, but still maintain a sophisticated air of elegance and style! There is a wide range of silhouettes and necklines to accentuate any woman’s form. Have you heard of that famous little black dress every woman should own? It’s a cocktail dress.

Mermaid Dress – If you are attending a very formal affair, the full-length mermaid dress is bound to make a splash! Usually strapless to show off the upper torso and bosom, this stunner starts from there, sleek and tight-fitting down the body until it hits the calf where it flairs out into a wide skirt that looks like the tail of an alluring sea siren! This is the perfect choice to show off an hourglass figure, and it will guarantee all spyglasses are aimed at you!

Sundresses – Like its name suggests, this is the go-to dress for a sunny summer day! Soft and feminine, the sundress is lightweight with bare shoulders and spaghetti straps, then a cinched waist above an A-line flared skirt. Any colour goes with this one, from light, airy pastels to sun-drenched, vibrant prime colours. Floral patterns are perfect for that garden party, where you will give the blossoms some real competition for the most beautiful bloom!

Ballgowns – The elegant ballgown is de rigueur for any black tie event. Sweeping down the body to touch the floor, you will appear to glide about as if you are floating. Our favourite cut is a low neckline and bare shoulders to show off those pearls, and bare arms with long bicep-high gloves in a matching fabric. Speaking of fabric, this is your chance to gleam with sequins, transforming you into a woman made of sapphires or rubies, whatever precious stone matches your eyes! Every body type looks fantastic in this dress, so prepare to be the belle of the ball!

Sheath Dress – This dress is made of savoir-faire and is perfect for the conservative office while still looking absolutely smashing. The form-fitting style is cinched at the waist and stops at the knees to show off your shapely legs and shiny shoes! Wear it in black so they all know who the real boss is!