Aalyah Gutierrez: Rey Mysterio Daughter Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family and More!

Aalyah Gutierrez :- Rey Mysterio Daughter

Aalyah Gutierrez Introduction

Hello readers, here we are talking about Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah Gutierrez. But unlike other WWE Superstar celebrities, the reason behind her fame is that she has appeared many times over the years on WWE shows. It was a Mysterio family storyline and this is what helped her to start earning money as well as becoming more famous. From Instagram to WWE, there are many platforms where one can see the impact of Aalyah and how famous she has become overnight.

Aalyah Gutierrez Biography

Aalyah Gutierrez is a well-known social media personality and the beautiful daughter of WWE’s mega superstar Rey Mysterio. She was born on 20 August 2001 in California, United States of America. She is known for making some appearances in WWE when the brand decided to run her family’s storyline. It has made her one of the most famous WWE celebrity girls.

Full NameAalyah Gutierrez
Aalyah’s Birthday20 August 2001
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
Aalyah Gutierrez

Aalyah Gutierrez Age

Rey Mysterio’s hot and beautiful daughter, Aaliyah Gutierrez is 23 years old. And one year before her birth, her father Rey Mysterio made his appearance in WWE. She also has a loving mother name, Angie Gutierrez. August 20 makes her zodiac sign Leo. She represents white and Latino roots. As an American, she also follows the Christian religion with full pride and passion.

Aalyah’s Age (as of 2024)23 years old
zodiac signLeo
Religion FollowChristian

Aalyah Gutierrez Height And Weight

Aalyah Gutierrez Height stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall and body weight is near about 52 Kg. Aalyah is a gorgeous girl with a high personality appearance, It feels like God has gifted lots of blessings to her, Aalyah is not a model in the profession, but she beats many models in her class and if we talk about her physical appearance. Just like her father, she takes care of her fitness very well.

Meanwhile, her body measures around 34-26-34 inches. Dark brown eyes and Brunette hair indeed take her style to another level. Despite being a social media personality, she has not done any cosmetic surgery. However, she is a big fan of making tattoos. Aalyah just looks beautiful. It helps her to get many modelling projects. Her clothing style is also very good. It shows her class in many different ways.

Height5 feet and 4 inches
Weight52 kilogram (kg)
three Size34-26-34 inches
Bra Size34 B
Eyes ColorBrown color
hair ColorBrunette Color
Feet Size5 (UK Size)

Aalyah Gutierrez Education

Aalyah has done most of her education in California, including her high school. As per several reports, she is fond of medicine. But Aalyah became famous at the age of 18 and 19. This is why, she became a social media personality more than focusing a lot on academics. It has helped her to enter the field of modelling. Aalyah is fluent in English and Mexican languages. Unlike her father, Aalyah is very much educated. At the time of her middle school, she did take part in dancing competitions a lot.

Aalyah Gutierrez: Parents, Siblings

Aalyah Gutierrez was born and raised in California, United States. Rey Mysterio is her father and Angie Gutierrez is her mother. Aalyah spent her childhood with an elder brother named Dominik Mysterio. As her brother Dominik Mysterio is also very famous for being a WWE superstar. With the power of her father and brother, she has become a very famous name a lot many people do search for her. It has helped her to become financially independent.

Rey Mysterio Family

Late Eddie Guerrero was the Godfather of Aalyah. However, the WWE legend passed away in 2005. Maria del Rosario and Roberto Gutierrez Sr. are Aalyah’s grandparents. Luis Gutiérrez, Lalo Gutierrez, Roberto Gutierrez are her uncles.

Rey Mysterio Wiki/Bio: Aalyah’s Father

Rey Mysterio is a world-famous professional wrestler who is known for his long service to WWE. His real name is Óscar Gutiérrez. Rey comes from Mexican professional wrestling roots and hence, he does wear the mask. The father of Aalyah was born on 11 December 1974 in Chula Vista, California, United States. He is blessed to have two children named Dominik Mysterio and Aalyah.

Rey Mysterio

Angie Gutierrez is the wife of Rey Mysterio. The pair did marry in 1996. His nationality is American. The zodiac sign of Rey is Sagittarius. He is a rich professional wrestler who made his professional debut in 1989 but he joined WWE in 2002 after the hard of so many years.

After that, he has not left WWE. Rey is one of the most consistent performers in WWE’s history. He is known for his athleticism and his popularity with kids is nothing short of a marvel superhero.

Aalyah Gutierrez Boyfriend and Love Life

For WWE fans, Aalyah Gutierrez loves Murphy. However, that is just a role she is playing for WWE. It shows her classical acting abilities. However, in real life, she is in love with Joshua Thomas. Joshua is a huge basketball fan. The causality between both is very good. Hence, they do love to share their personal life on social media. Aalyah indeed sees Joshua as her soulmate. It indeed feels like the ultimate bond between both. Her looks can captivate many. So it is not a big surprise to many men chase good-looking Aalyah.

Aalyah Gutierrez Boyfriend

On October 23, 2020, Aalyah came to help WWE’s Murphy. It made many feel that she is in a relationship with Murphy and for him, it has become hard for Aalyah to support her brother and father. It did make her famous. But it was just an act that she did to support the WWE’s storyline when professional wrestling was happening behind bars. Take a look at this clip for a better understanding.

Aalyah expressing her love for Murphy

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Social Media 

Aalyah is indeed a huge name on social media. She has over 452k followers on Instagram. On Twitter, she had over 11.4k followers. But her Twitter handle does not exist anymore. Her impact on Facebook is indeed also huge. Aalyah mostly likes to share her daily life on social media. Many young boys love to follow Aalyah and for them, she is the lady of their life.

Aalyah Gutierrez Social Media 

The reason behind her popularity is not just because she is the daughter of the famous WWE wrestler, Rey Mysterio, on another side she is a model and got famous while sharing her daily activity, lifestyle, and modelling-based photos on her social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her Reels Is very popular on Instagram.

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Net Worth

Aalyah Gutierrez net worth is $500,000 – $1 Million as of 2023. As she has just started her career, her net worth is increasing steadily.

Her father Rey Mysterio holds a net worth of USD 10 million as of 2023, making him and his family rich. Even her bother Dominik Mysterio, who is a professional wrestler like his father, holds a net worth of USD 2 million as of 2023.

This does show that she has a lot of money to spend. At the age of 22, Aalyah has luxury cars and bags collection. It is not normal at her age.

Aalyah’s Hobbies and Trivia

  • She likes to exercise, swim, hang out with friends and follow the latest fashion trends.
  • She is a huge follower of Kim Kardashian and her family members.
  • Aalyah made her WWE debut in 2020.
  • She is a mega WWE fan and has been spotted in many events.
  • Many do call Aalyah as Aalyah Mysterio.
  • Aalyah likes black and pink colour the most.
  • She does post lines of charity plans like Texas Elementary School Shooting Relief on her Instagram bio.
  • She is a fan of basketball (NBA).
  • She does not smoke at all.
  • Aalyah likes to drink wine.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • She does not like to read books much.


Q. Who is Aalyah Gutierrez?

Aalyah is the daughter of WWE superstar Rey Mysterio and younger sister of Dominik Mysterio.

Q. What does Aalyah do?

Aalyah worked a bit for WWE back in 2020. Now she has become a social media celebrity who promotes health and beauty on Instagram. She does some modelling ventures too.

Q. What does Rey Mysterio daughter do?

Rey Mysterio daughter Aalyah is a model and social media personality, known for appearing in WWE with her family back in 2020.

Q. How old is Aalyah Mysterio 2023?

As of 2023, Aalyah Mysterio is 21 years old, having been born on 20 August 2001 in California, United States.

Q. What is the net worth of Rey Mysterio daughter’s Aalyah?

Aalyah has a net worth of $500,000- $1 Million as of 2023.


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