Anastasia Ashley: Bio, Age, Surfer, Boyfriend, Model

Anastasia Ashley: Bio, Age, Surfer, Boyfriend, Model

Anastasia Ashley is indeed a famous American surfer. Her looks, along with her skills, do work very well in style. In a way, it makes her a special and famous lady. Not many sports athletes can work up with a full package. However, she does have something different. In a way, it does make her cut above the rest. Many do say that Anastasia is a very kind lady. It shows the fact that how things do work if we follow the right path with consistency. Hence, let us take a deep ride and know more about Anastasia Ashley. 

Biography of Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is a famous American professional surfer and model. She is a very skilled lady with a classical style. Anastasia was born on 10 February 1987, making Aquarius as her zodiac sign. Her birthplace is San Clemente, California, United States. It makes it clear that her nationality is American. A part of white ethnicity, Anastasia is a very religious lady. It might surprise many. However, Anastasia does her life becoming better with God’s blessings. It shows how creatively she takes things seriously. Adam Taki is the ex-boyfriend of Anastasia Ashley. 

Physical Stats of Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is a stunning lady who does love to make the best out of her physical looks. She stands 5 feet and 6 inches (1.73 m) tall. Anastasia does take care of her body very well. Hence, she weighs around 56 kg (123.46 lbs). Dark brown eyes, hair and white skin indeed take her style to a perfect level. Anastasia is good with her tattoo-making skills. It shows the fact that how things do work very well with dedication for fitness. Anastasia’s body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. Her bra size is 32C. Anastasia’s shoe size is 7 (US). Anastasia is a model – but there no report of her doing any cosmetic surgery.   

Childhood, Parents, Siblings, EducationAnastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley was born and brought up in San Clemente, California. She grew up in a very decent family. It allowed her to live her life very well while growing up. Kurt Rappaport is the father of Anastasia, who does not have a deep connection with her father. 

She was just six years old when her parents parted ways. At that time, she was too small to understand the reason. This is why she uses her mother’s surname. Anastasia did most of her schooling from San Clemente. However, she was not keen on studying while growing up. It shows the fact that she has that passion for sports and modelling.   

Anastasia Ashley: Love Life 

Anastasia Ashley has had dated many hunks in this brick-and-mortar world. She did most notably dated Adam Taki in 2009. However, they did part ways a long time ago. She was in a relationship with Abraham Kaslow too. Over the years, Anastasia has dated many girls. Well, there are not many singles souls who would say no to Anastasia. 

Anastasia Ashley: Road to Pro Career 

Anastasia Ashley started to learn all the skills of surfing at the very young age of five. It was her mother who pushed her to this world – and she did like the sport very well. A year later, she won a competition in surfing. It did motivate her to see a bright future in this sport – and it did pay off very well. 

Anastasia Ashley: Professional Career 

Anastasia Ashley is a skilled surfer and model. Indeed, being a god surfer allowed her to make even a better impact as a model. She has won multiple national-level titles. However, her impact can’t be called as crème de la crème. Anastasia does look very well as a surfer – and she does do her best to promote women in sports. 

Anastasia Ashley
Anastasia Ashley enjoying quality time

Taking about of her modelling career – Anastasia has been on the cover pages of several top magazines. She does work very well for sports and lifestyle fashion brands. It makes her a very good modelling combo. Anastasia is a very good-looking lady – and she does use her skills very well. It makes her arsenal look that much better. Not many can do what she has in this brick-and-mortar world. 

Social Media

Anastasia Ashley has a creative command of social media. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram, with quality impact on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. She knows how to use social media very well. Indeed, it makes her a perfect package for sponsors. Anastasia mostly likes to share her family life and personal stuff on Instagram. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Anastasia Ashley is estimated at around USD 3 million. She is a very rich lady and does have the capacity to take it to an even better level, The very factor that makes her a special lady to shine. Anastasia does not how to make things better. Hence, her financial portfolio does look better. And she does do a lot of charity work too. In a way, it does help many people around the world. 

Did You Know? 

  • The hobbies of Anastasia Ashley are dancing, surfing, travelling, modelling and shopping. 
  • She does like to spend her quality time near the sea. 
  • Anastasia does enjoy Mexican and Chinese cuisines.
  • She is a huge fan of basketball (NBA) and American Football (NFL).
  • Pink, red and white is her beloved colours. 
  • She does like to travel around the world. 

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