Beyond the Click: Maximising ROI in Facebook Advertising

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way businesses reach and engage with their target audiences.  Google ads, Facebook ads, and other digital and social media platforms now represent a way for businesses large and small to identify and connect with customers.

How do you get beyond the click, to get a result from your advertising dollars and efforts?

Return on Investment

In digital marketing return on investment (ROI) is the profit earned from every dollar you spend on marketing.  

A positive ROI means that you are making more money than you invest.  A negative ROI happens when you spend more on advertising than it generates.

If you are struggling with getting a return on your investment from digital marketing, consult with Facebook Ads management services.

Return on investment is used to measure all types of business decisions.  From employee productivity to marketing, demanding a positive ROI is the only way to ensure your business prospers.

Understand Your Audience

If you want to achieve success with digital marketing you have to understand your customers.  You have to identify and isolate what drives your customers to buy from you.  The better you can do this the better you will be able to structure an ad campaign that directly speaks to those needs.

What problems are your customers trying to solve?  Why do they choose to do business with your company over your competitors?  What type of customer are you trying to attract?  How old are they? What are their interests, behaviours and purchasing patterns?

Audience Targeting

Digital marketing allows you to narrow your focus to a specific audience.  It is very easy to define the focus of your marketing efforts based on location, age, gender, employment and income.

You can target by a subculture, interest, or purchase intention.  Targeting a specific audience will help your ad campaigns reach people who are likely to relate to your message.

Compelling Ad Copy & Visuals

Your message has to be visually appealing and demand attention.  Bland ads with no impact are not going to appeal to today’s saturated market.  Today users are hit with so much information, that your message has to stand out.  

Up to this point, the approach has been analytical.  Your ads and messages need creative genius.  Often times the quirky unexpected approach can pay huge dividends.  Don’t do anything shoddy or poor quality.  Your images or videos must be high quality and reflect your company’s brand image.  You want your ads to resonate with your target audience.

Avoid misleading or deceptive claims or conduct.  You can lose your entire audience if they feel they are deceived in some way by your advertising.


Do A/B testing on different elements of your campaign.  You can vary headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, and ad formats.  

Use insights gained from testing to further refine your message and your ads.

Review your campaign metrics regularly.  Pay close attention to ROI, click-through rates, cost per click, and conversion rate.   Be prepared to make adjustments to your campaign based on the results you get.

Maximising the return on investment of your Facebook advertising campaigns takes work, but the rewards are worth it.