Five Crucial Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Car Mat

Car mats are simply not just an accessory that you buy randomly. They are as important as any other part of your vehicle because you can damage your car interiors without them. Every person loves their vehicle and wouldn’t appreciate it if anyone caused damage to it. For many, their car is everything to them. So when you have to make a decision related to car accessories, it should be a thoughtful one.

You will come across many brands offering luxury car mats. Some even customize the mats for you, depending on what you want. Your car mats will not only protect your car floor but also enhance the interiors of your vehicle. You’ve come to this page because you’ve been wondering how to choose a suitable car mat for your car. So, stick to your screen and give a quick read to this post to get some answers. 

What are the three factors to consider when selecting a car mat?

If you maintain your car mats, it would probably last a couple of years. But it also largely depends on the quality of mats you invest in. Car mats are made from different materials. The most popular ones are vinyl, leather, rubber, and fabric mats. As you read further, you will learn the difference between various mats’ materials, quality, and longevity. But before you discover the variety of mats you get, you should focus on factors that contribute to your choice. 

Mat Thickness

The thickness of a mat will undoubtedly contribute to its longevity. Thick mats have more weight that allows them to stay in one position. A thin mat will wear off pretty quickly, but the thick layers of a good quality mat will increase its durability and life. 

Rims and Ridges

When you buy a mat with rims and ridges, you will prevent dust and dirt from falling on the floor of your vehicle. Ridges will even stop water and big chunks of mud from getting into the corners of the cars and sticking them to the mat. 

Mat Material 

Choosing the suitable material for a mat is the one big decision to make. Rubber and vinyl mats are best for car use because they require very little maintenance. They have a suitable thickness and will last for a longer time. Also, rubber mats can be used throughout the year. They are water-resistant, easy to install, and super easy to clean. 

Non-Slippery surface

Buying a mat with a non-slippery surface is the rule you should follow. If you choose a fancy mat with no grip, you will have trouble driving your vehicle. So, a mat that offers you enough grip is a decent choice to make for comfort and protection. 

Mat Backing

Just like the front surface of the mat matters, similarly, the backing is equally essential. It is kind of a claw that digs in the car carpet and keeps it intact in the same position for a long time. Mat backing will allow the mat to be fixed in one place. 

So, these are some essential factors to remember when choosing luxury car mats. However, the material, cost, and quality have equally important roles. Overpaying for a car mat is not a very wise decision. However, it also depends on your spending capability. If you want to shine and bling to your car interior, you can customize your car mats the way you like it. But stick to materials like rubber, vinyl, and leather if you want lasting and robust mats.