Home maintenance – 5 Essential Numbers to Store in your Smartphone

If you have recently taken possession of your very first home, this is an exciting time and there’s lots to learn, not to mention building maintenance. A lot can go wrong with a typical family home; water, waste, electricity and building repair; we put together a short list of tradesmen numbers you can pre-source and let’s hope your needs are infrequent.

  1. Electrician (24/7) – Whether you are connected to the national grid or you use solar, there can be issues; fuses can blow, circuits can short and this never happens during regular business hours, usually on a Sunday! Some contractors charge extra for an out-of-hours call; check their website for details.
  2. Gas engineer – The very best gas fitting services in Sydney are but a few mouse clicks away and they have an emergency number to put in your speed dial. Their fleet of fully equipped mobile workshops are ready to swing into action, whatever the time, day or night. Gas is not something to mess with, which is why you should call in a gas engineer. They offer a wide range of gas-related services and can supply the best water heating systems that are eco-friendly; all at very affordable prices.
  3. Plumber – Water pipes are always under pressure and leaks occur; worst-case scenario – a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom and to make matters worse, it happens in the middle of the night! Seriously, there are quite a few plumbing catastrophes that could visit you and with the number of a local plumber in your device, you are as prepared as you can be. When you do call out a plumber, ask him to inspect the system, looking for corroding joints and he can fix these issues there and then!
  4. Roofer – The roof is the most important component of the property and regular inspections are advised, looking for missing roof tiles, blockages in the guttering and issues with flashing. This is the proactive way to take care of your home and minor issues can be fixed before they become major! At least once a year, ask the roofer to take a look and you will be on top of any issues.
  5. Drainage specialist – Blocked drains are always a threat and your local drain unblocker can handle anything and in super quick time. The technician has CCTV buggies that he sends down the drain to find the blockage and when the job is done, he power-flushes the entire system to promote good flow.
  6. Small builder – Plaster has a lifespan, and all exterior surfaces are at the mercy of the harsh Australian climate. Brickwork needs rendering after a few years, while all timber surfaces should be coated with a protective sealing. If you keep note of small things like leaking taps and doors that squeak, when you get a dozen or so, call up your local builder and he can fix in a couple of hours. If you fancy installing ceiling fans, click here.
  7. TV/Satellite engineer – If you invest in a new state-of-the-art home theatre or wish to go wireless with your web connection, this is the guy to call. Cable reception a bit snowy? The engineer can track the satellite using special equipment.

As you can see, there are quite a few trades involved in property upkeep and maintenance, and by pre-sourcing all the above, you are ready for almost anything!