How to Store Your Cannabis: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts

When weed is part of your daily life, you know every little shredded piece matters. Whether you buy your cannabis at a dispensary or grow it yourself from cannabis seeds, you have to learn how to take care of it to optimize your stash.

Part of this knowledge is handling and storing the product to keep it fresh and preserved. If you do this right, you can stockpile your weed for months, if not longer.

Ready to learn how to maximize the shelf life of your cannabis? It’s not hard, as long as you skip the amateur mistakes. Follow these do’s and don’ts, and your product will be fresh and strong every time you use it.

1. Do Keep Cannabis at the Right Temperature

How you store your cannabis makes a huge difference. It’s organic, so it has to be kept at the ideal temperature, which is between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s a biological reason for this specific range. Organic matter is prone to becoming moldy and full of mildew at any temperature between 77 and 86. At anything higher, you risk drying out the terpenes and cannabinoids, which means you won’t get the benefits of the cannabis.

Colder temperatures of 50-68 keep the cannabis preserved, but can turn THC to CBN, which is non-intoxicating. It will still give you the terpenes and CBD without the high.

Armed with this information, you can find a place to store your cannabis so it’s always exposed to the right temperature.

2. Don’t Store Your Weed in the Fridge

The refrigerator can be consistently set at the lower end of temperatures for cannabis storage. So, a lot of people think it’s the ideal place for weed storage. However, even if you’re okay with it messing with decarboxylation and the THC levels, there’s a more pressing problem.

As you move your weed from the fridge to the counter and it sits there, it’s exposed to room temperature. At that point, it begins to create condensation on the container and the cannabis. 

When you put it back in the fridge, the cold temps and new moisture is a breeding ground for mold. The next time you pull out your weed, you may find some extra “natural” growth on your flowers that you didn’t want.

3. Do Avoid Direct Light

We all know that plants need light to grow. Once your cannabis is harvested, though, it’s essential to avoid direct light. UV rays from the sunlight or growth lights can degrade the product, just as they destroy the organic cells in our bodies.

Keep your product in a sealed, closed container away from light sources. A kitchen cupboard is one suggestion if the temps in your home are 60-68 degrees. Basements are another excellent choice, as long as they’re not too cold or full of pests.

If you store it at the right temperature and in dark spaces, your cannabis can last for up to two years!

4. Don’t Use the Wrong Container

Your cannabis may have come in a baggie. That’s not how you’ll store it, though.

The container you choose to keep your weed in after purchase is a serious decision. Find a container that is designed for long-term, airtight sealing. A mason jar like your (great) grandparents used for their preserves is a tried-and-true option.

Don’t use metal as this can interfere with the taste and smell of your weed. Plastic works, but doesn’t have the airtight characteristic of glass.

Once you choose your container, make sure it’s the right size. Anything too big allows too much air in the space. Eventually, this leads to oxidation, which destroys the chemical makeup of cannabis. Aim for a jar that lets you fill about two-thirds of the volume with your flower.

5. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Weed Out of Reach

There are a few things you should always store out of reach of little hands and pets. Weapons, chemicals, medications, and cannabis are a few of the main ones.

You may not have children or pets yourself, but it’s possible that someone, at some time, could show up with theirs.

Don’t take the chance that your cherished weed will end up eaten by a curious animal or in a child’s hands. Find an elevated, secure way to hide your stash. A child-resistant container placed above your head, or something that can be locked, are smart ideas.

Keep in mind that if it’s your product, and someone is hurt because they got into it, the consequences are on you. It’s better to make sure your cannabis is securely stored where no one but you can get to it easily.


You’ve spent a lot of effort and money to get the freshest, tastiest cannabis either by growing it yourself or by purchasing it in a variety of forms from reliable sellers like Organic CBD Nugs. It’s crazy to let it go to waste because you didn’t use it fast enough, yet you want to make your weed last.

Use this list of do’s and don’ts to ensure you get to enjoy your stash whenever you want it in the future.