Top 5 places to watch sports in Manchester

Old Trafford

Manchester is one of the top cities in England. Indeed, one might say that it is the best city in terms of history and traditions after London. The city is just very strange for South American. However, the case is totally different for others. 

The English city does welcome any culture. It makes the city even better. Hence, let’s take a look at the top 5 stadiums in Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

5 Manchester: National Speedway Stadium

National Speedway Stadium is not a huge name in the city of hope. However, for sports fans, it does hold major value. National Speedway Stadium does host several top-level athletic events. It indeed makes the value of this place just cut above the rest. 

4 The Manchester Arena     

Manchester Arena is indeed a quality place to watch sports and other major events. Mostly, it is famous for putting up top boxing matches and WWE shows. In England, only The O2 Arena from London can beat the magic of this place. This place is all about different sports and history. 

3 Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium, also known as The City of Manchester Stadium, is the home of Man City. The stadium does hold a capacity of 55,097. As now the Sky Blues are too famous, Etihad Stadium is a global name. They are one of the best teams in Europe and have huge sums to spend. 

2 Old Trafford (Cricket)

Old Trafford is the home of England’s cricket side after Lord’s Cricket Ground. The very place has shown some of the iconic moments in the history of cricket. From ODI World Cup matches to the Test series, Lord’s Cricket Ground cantinas the magic of history. 

1 Old Trafford

This might be a much-more famous Old Trafford. The home of Man United is one of the most iconic places in football. The stadium has a capacity of 76,000, the biggest in the city. Instagram

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