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Foxi is famous platform because there are host of movies, series and TV shows on the App and all of them are free. This is what makes it famous all over the world.

Foxi Apk is one station that can fill the buzz of host of entertainment. One can find shows in various languages. It is totally free to stream on android phone. Many users have given the app great reviews despite it coming under a torrent umbrella.

What is Foxi?

Foxi is an app that helps people see free-of-cost movies, TV shows and series. It is available only in form of app and not website. They have just the APK and not on Play Store because the app comes in torrent section. They provide free streaming in HD and has content from all over the world.

Having content is free makes it a pick of many people. Despite the fact that it requires downloading the APK file, people do work out and risk having the third-party app. They do make the revenue from the ads, so the app remains free of cost to the people all over the world.

Foxi APK Informations

App NameFoxi
Where to downloadPlay Store
Update17 May 2023

Foxi Apk Download:-

It is in fact very simple to download Foxi APK.

  • Go to browser and type Foxi.
  • Now open the first search.
  • Here on the homepage, the link would be to download the app.
  • Click on download button and wait for the APK file to download.
  • After this process, install the app would make the purpose down.

But do make sure that any app which is of third-party would not be best as it can become core reason in leading malware virus into the system your are using it in.   

Foxi Features

  • Good UI – Foxi app does have good user interface. This helps one to identify the movies, series and TV shows for free.
  • Regular updates – Just like other streaming platforms, they do give regular updates of their third-party apps.  This helps in making the overall streaming experience better.
  • Free of cost – The app to watch latest content is free of cost. Like what one has to pay in other stream apps, here all is free as they make the money from ads. This is a unique feature they have.
  • Working Servers – The App does have working servers and most of the time, the app works well and it makes the overall streaming experience better.
  • High Definition – They do have most content in high definition and it makes no compromise in overall streaming experience. This is what that makes it work well most of the time.
  • Gernes – It does have different gernes on the app. Like from horror, comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, sports, TV shows, documentaries, anime, you name it and the app has mix of all.
  • Latest content – This App does have most of the latest content from TV shows, movies and series. Like most of the famous content does not take while to feature on the app. Like a movie comes on 2nd July then in some hours, the content would be available for streaming.
  • Host of languages – Not just Hollywood, but they have content from Bollywood and other industries, so the global audience can get the content they wish to see.

Pros of Foxi APK

  • The app host of new and retro content.
  • Making money from ads allow them to keep the content free.
  • Despite facing many copyright strikes, the overall streaming experience remains great.
  • The user interface of the app is very good and it helps new users to comfortable with it.
  • In terms of uploading latest content, it is very fast-paced app.
  • The app has host of different gernes.
  • The APK file of Foxi’s does work most of the time.
  • The regular updates come and it helps well.

Cons of Foxi APK

  • Foxi is known as a third-party app.
  • It comes under the controversial umbrella of torrent.
  • The makers post unlicensed content.
  • Sometimes, the links of the movies do not work due to copyright hits.
  • It is unethical in many eyes to use the app.
  • Many feels that these apps do make legal streaming platform suffer a lot.
  • The website can be a core reason behind leading malware into a smartphone.

Is Foxi’s Apk legal?

In a nutshell, Foxi is not legal. And if you to know the reason, then we are telling you right here. See, the movies, TV shows and series are being made by production houses who spend a lot of money for these contents. And this platform does not give the money and licence the content to be shown on their platform. Hence, this is the reason all the content they have is stolen. It makes the app come under the torrent section. This is why it is fair to say that the app is not legal and it should not be used.

Is Foxi App safe?

Foxi is an app where no such report has come where the app has been the key reason behind leading malware into a system of a user. But as the app is not legal, so it can’t be said that it is safe to use it 100 per cent. But still, host of users use the app for free. And as nothing happens to them, it tells all to feel that it is 100 per cent safe to use the app and stream the content for free.

Foxi’s Aternative Legal apps:

Foxi’s App is an option, but there are other legal apps. But most of them are paid apps and need the subscription. And here are some of the most famous ones…

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney +
  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Sony LIV
  • ZEE5
  • Jio Cinema
  • MX Player

App Similar to Foxi App

This platform does have alternatives and they do work in a similar fashion.

  • Go Movies
  • Movies 123
  • Allmovieland
  • Movierulz app

These are some of the most talked about third-party apps for movies, TV shows and series, but they all are not 100 per cent legal to use.


If one is looking for free apps where movies, TV shows and series can be watched, then Foxi is the place. And Foxi app is 100 per cent streaming one and free of cost. They have regular uploads of the global content to fulfil the entertainment dose. This allows them to have a mega userbase. But the app comes under torrent banner, and it puts the tint in the reputation they have. So think twice before making a move.

Disclaimer :- Foxi is a third-party app and we are not promoting it. Only reason to write about the article is to provide right information to all. This way we can make internet safer or try to make it better.


Q Is Foxi legit?

Foxi’s usage is legit and most of the streaming links work well.

Q Can one allowing download content?

Only one can stream the content and not download.

Q Is it paid all?

This platform usage is 100 per cent free as they make the revenue from the ads.

Q. How can an individual get its premium features for free?

The user can download the modded version of Foxi’s Apk to get its premium feature for free.

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