Pehchan.raj.nic: Rajasthan’s government Portal For Pehchan Patra


Pehchan.raj.nic is a website or portal you can say created by Rajasthan’s government. Pehchan Raj is created to offer services to people of Rajasthan. It provides various services for citizen of Rajasthan. Citizens of Rajasthan can enjoy services from their home. They don’t  have to visit government office all the time. They can apply through this portal and also check the status of application.

For more convenience government has also introduced app version of portal. So, through Pehchan Raj you get various government services. Some of the services offered by this portal are Birth Certificate, Death Certificate and many more.

Till now you must have guessed that the article is going to be about Pehchan Raj portal. Here you will get to know how to use the Pehchan.raj.nic portal. How to apply for various services and how much it is helpful.

Services Of Pehchan.raj.nic Portal

Government aims to create this portal to bring various department services at one place. This will save time and energy of citizens of Rajasthan. All the services have different procedures when you going to apply. Let’s see some of services offered by Pehchan.raj.nic :

  • Aadhar Enabled Registrations
  • JanAadhar Integration
  • Authenticated Updating in Registration
  • Parivar Pehchan Patra
  • Meri Pehchan
  • Checking Duplicacy of the Registration
  • Online Registration of Death Certificates
  • Online Registration of Marriage Certificates
  • Important Circulars and Notification
  • PVC Birth Card
  • Parivar Pehchan Patra Haryana
  • Monitoring up to Grassroot Leve
  • SMS Alerts to Citizens
  • Legacy Registration Facility
  • Aadhar Enabled Registrations
  • QR Code on Certificates
  • Online Reporting of Death
  • Information about Registration Status
  • Online registration of Birth Certificates
  • Digitally Signed Certificate
  • Online reporting of Births from private hospitals

Who Can Register On Pehchan.raj.nic?

This portal is made for citizens of Rajasthan only. That means residents and government employees of Rajasthan can join. Each person visiting the portal will have different purpose. But the portal was created to offer proper channel for government services. Let’s see who can in actual register to the portal.

  • Citizens
  • Chief Registrar
  • Chief Medical and Health Officer
  • Private Hospitals
  • Block Statistics Officers
  • Sub-Registrars
  • District Registrars
  • Registrars
  • Orphanages

How to login to Pehchan.raj.nic ?

  • Visit the official website of  Pehchan Raj:-
  • On home page you will see list of services for people of Rajasthan.
  • Look for login button on the home window. Its will be on the top right of the page.
  • There click on ‘Login’ button
  • There it will asks for User ID and password. After these you need to give security code which is given already.
  • In last click on login tab . After you finish login , you can apply or register for services you want.
  • One thing keeps in mind for application you need certain important document and IDs as proof.

How to Download Pehchan Raj App?

The name of Pehchan Raj mobile application is ‘Pehchan’. Let’s see how to download this government app on your smart phone. Follow the following step given below to download Pehchan app :

  • Open Apple store / google play store and search for Pehchan app.
  • Then download the app on you mobile
  • After that install the application
  • After installation link your mobile number to application. An otp will be sent on given mobile number to verify. Through this you will be update time to time about services you applied for.
  • After verification of mobile number. Lists of services displayed on the screen in the for of icons.
  • Select the service you need to apply for from the icon
  • Directly apply for service from your mobile phone.

Documents Required For Birth Certificate

  • Contact details like Mobile number and Email address.
  • Passport-size photos
  • Aadhar card of parents as Id proof.
  • Child’s Date of Birth
  • Documents about the Parent’s occupation.
  • Proof of the current address of the parents

Objective of Pehchan Raj Portal

  • Ensure transparency in Civil Registration.
  • Reduce fraud and corruption in Civil Registration
  • On time progress Reporting
  • Make important statistics readily available
  • Monitor registration at the local level
  • Make people use the digital system effectively


The Pehchan Raj portal is a great step of government of Rajasthan. Pehchan.raj.nic is website has become the ultimate place for government services. Through this portal people of Rajasthan can apply for services with comfort of home. They don’t have to visit government offices in person. And it’s an absolute hassle for person. By this time and energy is both are saving. If you are citizen of Rajasthan and don’t know about this portal. Go and try this portal. This portal is appreciated by RGI, Delhi also.


Q1. What is official website of Pehchan Raj? is the official website of Pehchan Raj.

Q2. What is name of Mobile application of Pehchan Raj?

A- ‘Pehchan’ is the name of the app of Pehchan Raj.

Q3. Who runs Pehchan Raj portal?

A- Government of Rajasthan runs the portal.

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