Five Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Love of Learning

Sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle encouraging your child to do their homework. After a day at school they are tired and grumpy and the last way they want to spend their free time is doing yet more work. These five easy ways to make learning more fun will help your child develop a thirst for knowledge.

Board Games

Games are a great way to develop skills and children love to play! If you have a preschooler, turn-taking games such as snakes and ladders help them learn patience and the importance of following rules, while for slightly older kids, games like Uno help them think ahead and make quick decisions. There are still benefits to variations of these traditional games for teenagers. Make your own games based on classics to help with revision – Top Trumps is a great example. 

Computer Games

You might not think it, but computer games can develop transferable skills that will help your child in future. As well as the important factor of being confident with technology, hand-eye co-ordination can be developed as well as turn taking, working co-operatively and learning about the world. Some games can encourage creativity, with Roblox and Minecraft popular examples.


Children today are used to being surrounded by gadgets which is why they are often more open to learning through devices. There are many benefits to learning via technology – one of which is the wealth of information available online – so if your child likes learning this way, encourage it. Just make sure that younger children are supervised and gaining their information from reliable, trustworthy sites. Help your child get the most from technology with accessories – one of these kids keyboards will benefit them, as will a headset.

First-Hand Experiences

Learning doesn’t have to happen in the home – in fact, many of the most memorable learning experiences take place on trips or when doing everyday tasks. Money management can be taught while shopping and the value of working together towards a shared goal demonstrated by a trip to the ball game. Think of creative ways to help your child gain skills and learn about the world and you’ll not only be aiding their development but also creating happy memories to last a lifetime.

Engage with Their Interests

We all know we are more likely to stay focused on a task we are interested in, so make learning more enjoyable by utilizing your child’s interests. If they’re BTS superfans, encourage them to learn more about Korean life. If your infants love Pokémon, have them counting Pikachu. Adapt your tasks to make them more appealing to your child and their engagement will improve.

Whichever strategies you use, there will still be times your child doesn’t engage in learning, and this is perfectly normal. In these situations, it is best to take a break and do something completely different – take the dog for a walk, go out for ice cream – and then come back with a clearer head. Remember, there are different ways to learn so find which best suits your child and learning will be more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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