Former Teacher Name: Top 6 Famous Names

Former Teacher Name

Legends do say that “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” But we are about to talk about some of the ex-teachers that make teachers look brilliant. It is a known fact that a teacher has the power to shine in other areas. From the field of writing to acting, they are indeed doing all in detail. This is what makes one feel Former Teacher Name is something one can proud of.

1. First Former Teacher Name: Alexander Graham Bell

The first one the list in the Former Teacher Name is the one who invented the telephone. But not many is aware about it that he did serve as a teacher for a long time. As a child, Alexander did see his mother losing hearing ability and hence, he went on to study acoustics. Look at the age of 16, he did start to work as a assistant of elocution and music at the Westin House Academy in Scotland.

In 1865, he did make a comeback to school post working as an assistant master. He did also assist his father in his work too. In America, he did work in many deaf schools. It shows that a great scientist can be a great teacher and a great teacher can be a great scientist.

2. Second Former Teacher Name: TeArt Garfunkel

He is a famous singer and a legend of the field. But not many know that the mega singer was a master in maths. From the Colombia History, he did learn Art History and Maths. If there was no success in the field of music, then it is possible for him to get a doctorate in maths. But he did live this passion of maths by teaching Geometry at Litchfield Preparatory School in Connecticut. It was going all well. But then Bridge Over Troubled Water hit the world and made the best impact.

3. Third Former Teacher: J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling is not just about a biggest fictional writer or one of the best ones. But she did teach English in Portugal. This shows the great sign in our Former Teacher Name series. At the time of seeing her mother passing away and parting ways with her husband, she wrote the Harry Potter books. In Scotland, she returned in 1995 and did start as a teacher for Edinburgh University. But there, her aim was on writing only.

4. Fourth Former Teacher: Sir William Golding

It is time to talk about Sir William Golding. He did teach Philosophy and English. And Bishop’s Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury, Wiltshire, was lucky to have Sir William Golding as the teacher. Once he did make his boys at school to have a debate without any restrictions. This was the moment that helped him to start writing about Lord of the Flies. It did change his life and made him win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

5. Fifth Former Teacher Name: George Orwell

George Orwell is known for his work as a dystopian worlds’ depictions. But he did teach in West London at Hayes and then Uxbridge. He did learn French from Aldous Huxley as a child.

6. Sixth Former Teacher Name is Greg Davies

Greg Davies is an inspiration for the kids of the 21st century. He is popular for his acting work in Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners. He is a mega method actor and had been a teacher for 13 years in the field of drama. He did teach English at Berkshire and Twickenham. He is the sixth one in this Former Teacher Name series who have shown that teachers can do them all.

Final Words

Former Teacher Name series where it tells us all that being a teacher makes your learn a lot that whatever you do, it helps you to become the best and give the best results possible. Like all know that J.K Rowing is the reason behind the birth of Harry Potter books and movies, but how many of them do know that she did spend that many years teaching to have the chance to learn and make others learn. So it shows teachers can do them all.

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