Usui Horokeu: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Usui Horokeu: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Usui Horokeu who also goes by his nick name – Horohoro is an animated fictional character in the popular manga / anime series known as Shaman King. The tribe to which he belongs is known as the Ainu Tribe. He is the famous son of Usui Lycan and he has a small brother who is Usui Pirica. He is the founder of the team known as “Ten Ren” which he made during the Shaman fights. Usui Horokeu made this “ten ren” team with the help of Tao Ren and Chocolove Mc Donell.

He made his debut appearance in the manga in chapter 26, and in the manga, he made his first appearance in episode 9 ( 2001 anime ) and episode 5 ( 2021 anime ). He is a shaman and also does farming. Usui Horokeu has O type of Blood and he was born on 27th of November 1985. He was voiced in Japanese by Yuji Ueda and voice in English by Michael Sinterniklaas. He belongs to the Guardian Ghosts and his Seirei class is Vodyanoy.

Usui Horokeu: OUTLOOK

Usui Horokeu has a tall height. He is usually seen wearing an outfit which is colored white and blue, it somewhat looks like a skiing outfit. Below, he prefers black colored shorts and he wears special black and red skiing shoes which can be attached to his snow board. The color of his hair is turquoise blue and it is long and he styles it up in skies. The clothes in his street style consists of plain white shirt, tennis shoes and regular shorts. His headband is literally a towel. He carries his snow board easily by attaching it to his bag pack on his back. He also has a battle outfit which was given to him by Usui Pirica. It was black themed and looked super cool. This outfit is used by the Ainu tribe for hunting.


Personality wise, his nature is good and frank as a human being, he is also cheerful at times but when he senses danger he turns into serious mode. Tao ren and him don’t get along and constantly seem to argue. But deep down he does care deeply for Ren. He does not like to talk about his past and prefers to keep it a secret. He once raged because someone called him by his birth name. Usui Horokeu is competitive in battle. He loves nature and respects it. He is also very proud of his Ainu Tribe.

Usui Horokeu


He is a craft man, given that the snow board he made himself. His practical skills are off the charts but he admits that he sucks at academics, he scored 25 out of 100 in maths. He can create ice in his battle and project them towards his enemies. His Furyoku level is 12,000. His guardian ghost is Kororo which is a small nature spirit. He freezes water vapors and attacks. His over soul is very powerful, it can manipulate moisture in any way he wants. It can freeze enemies in the blink of an eye.

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